Forex Trading

Learn to trade forex with profits from the best-selling author of two forex trading books, Nicholas Tan. Discover how you can create a new stream of income trading forex using proven methods that works.

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Stocks and CFDs Trading

As a stock trader, you need to learn how to find the low risk buying price points of a stock.
Knowing the right time to enter and when to exit a trade is critical in becoming a successful
stock trader. This course is designed to equip you with the trading skills using technical
analysis to better time your entry and exit points of your trades. The hands-on approach of
the course will let partciapants practice the trading strategies taught during the 3-nights

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Publishing & Media

Our book publishing course is designed to teach you how to write a book and turn it into a passive income. If you have any key knowledge and expertise, why not consider writing a book or package your expertise into any info products. Learn more.